justifiable murder
BANG STICK - Jake Smith Mystery Series (book one)
268 pages
New Year's Eve, nineteen-sixty-nine and Southern California's normally placid climate experienced a bitter winter cold snap. It was certainly not the weather for murder. The strange unfamiliar weapon constitutes the perfect crime. Bodies stacked up faster than chips in a winning hand of high-stakes poker. The only thing piling up faster was the ever growing list of suspects. Incompetent San Diego Police Detective Jake Smith and his partner put in charge of the investigation. Smith life spiraling out of control, personally and professionally. The long-time love affair with ADA Jillian Ross screams to a halt. His obnoxious attitude not benefitting either areas of his tenuous existence. And Smith should not have run when he became a prime suspect. Can he prove his innocence. Will Jake Smith end up the squad room hero or drummed out miscreant?
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H David Whalen, author
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