DIEGO KILLER- Jake Smith Mystery Series (book three)
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A steamy hot August in San Diego, California, the rotting body of immigration attorney, Diego Ortiz, found with a Mexican stiletto protruding from his chest. Disgraced Jake Smith, back from Arkansas, and running his private investigation service, keeps a low profile, avoiding confrontation with his old nemesis, SDPD Detective Stephen Lyle. Upon the death of his only client, Smith left with no choice but to insert himself into the investigation. It was a race to bring him down. The Federal alphabet agencies, the police, the Melendez Drug Cartel or someone else, all in the running. Diego Ortiz has a long list of enemies. So many adversaries. So many want his empire. No one knows his past. No one knows his proper name oreven if he is a licensed attorney. The controversy piles up. From the underbelly of San Diego to the streets of Tijuana, nobody above suspicion. The chases, the tortures, the arrests, the clues are all there. Can you figure it out before the final chapter?
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H David Whalen, author
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