no secrets in death
FLOWERFIELD MURDER- Jake Smith Mystery (book four)
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The North County flowerfields are a rainbow of colors, set majestically on the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The only factor spoiling the perfect postcard setting was the murder of Charles Westway, beat to death with a hardwood Louisville Slugger. Why was he bludgeon when the second body found, a sheriff’s deputy, was shot? The beloved television local news anchor’s darkest secrets unfolded. The mystery expanded from San Diego to the streets of Hollywood and beyond, both physically and emotionally. Numerous policing agencies and private investigator Jake Smith vied to solve the mounting crimes and body counts. Hired by the jailed prime suspect’s Chicago attorney, Hamilton-Adams Investigations gets tasked to find the truth. He knew his client lied, but to what extent, murder? Smith needed to locate the Tijuana housekeeper to learn what she witnessed at the station’s previous Christmas party. Will her observations exonerate or bury Smith’s client? Westway’s neighbors told doubtful accounts of the night of the killings. Nothing made sense. The police investigations stalled and the only hope to save the station manager left to Jake Smith and his team.
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H David Whalen, author
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