GRAVE GARDEN - Jake Smith Mystery Series (book six)
358 pages
Private investigator Jake Smith is sometimes a hero, someimes a vigilante, but always a thorn in the cops’ side. His nemesis, Detective Max Marsh, as Smith refers to him, Marshmellow, bent on driving him out of San Diego. With Andrew and Leslie Howell’s remains discovered in the garden grave by their busybody neighbor, Jake inserts himself in the middle of the fray, bringing Smith and Marsh to loggerheads. Hamilton-Adams Investigations does not have a client, driving his wife’s disgust with her husband’s refusal to quit interferring. She declines to understand him over long forgotten accussations. During clashes with his wife, Jake makes an unforgivable mistake with an old friend. Now, can he live the the consequences? Virginia is the best researcher in the business. Is it possible for Jake to solve the murders without her? Grave Garden is a riveting thriller of survival, redemption, obsession, and love. But unfortunately, Jake appears to love his job more than his wife.
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H David Whalen, author