Bang Stick finds San Diego superstar homicide detective Smith on the department’s outs after his divorce turns his career lackluster. But then, a cold case jumps forefront with the killing of an old murder suspect, offering Smith a last chance to redeem himself. Death Runner puts our man starting over as a beat cop in Arkansas and assigned to the local university campus at the height of Viet Nam war protests when the president of Black Americans for Democracy fell to his death. One of the accused fraternity brothers is the lieutenant govoner’s son, bringing in the wrath of political madness. Diego Killer returns Smith to southern California, starting a private investigation firm. Unfortunately, it shattered his incognito existence when a prominent client, attorney Diego Ortiz, gets hit, pitting Jake against former nemeses. The case goes awry when the lawyer’s unscrupulous practices come to light. And our protagonist is in over his head. Flowerfield Murder follows Jake’s rise to success and providence after the publicity of his last investigation. When they find a popular local newscaster bludgeoned in the coastal flower fields, his death reveals the truth about his secret life. The investigation drives Smith from the streets of San Diego to the underbelly of Hollywood and beyond. Angel Snatcher, myth or reality? A small child goes missing from her bed, and the police find a porcelain figure in her place. They immediately hone in on the dim-witted teenage neighbor. To Smith’s bride’s outrage, he takes on the case pro bono. Complications arise as soon as he off-handedly tells the press, “It was just the Angel Snatcher.” Jake not only endures the local department but the Federal and State alphabet agencies are involved to various degrees. Grave Garden brings into play the prime suspect from book one, returning to San Diego and bumping into Smith at a wine tasting. The investigation is on to clear his beleaguered past and solve the cold case. But, unfortunately, the waters muddy when more murders and suspects appear. His suspect goes on the run and he relies on a former reporter and employee to assist. Only he misbelieves her involvement confined it to the investigation.
The series follows the peaks and valleys of Jake Smith’s professional and personal life. His sarcastic, quick wit is the root of each failure or achievement.
over 2,000 pages
digital versions available
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I cannot envision life without books. Reading affords you the freedom to believe the unimaginable, travel beyond your world, and shroud yourself in knowledge. Laugh, cry, shiver; a story takes you on an emtional journey through your mind. In the end, you are the hero, the lover, the invincible. H David Whalen

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